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Music to End the Year May 17, 2008

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Towards the end of the year, I quit listening to NPR during the morning drive to school. Yes, it’s 6:00 AM, sort of hot, and tempting to turn the car right back into the driveway and take a nap on the lawn.  I usually get my healthy dosage of NPR while I’m prepping for the day while in my classroom, but I need good pump-me-up music to get me going.  

If you’re trying to make it through May (or June 4th), here are my recommendations

1. “Bottle of Buckie” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

2. “Energy” by Apples in Stereo

3. “Bring it on Home” by Sam Cooke (with Lou Rawls in the background)

4. “Soul Music” by Arthur Conley

5. “Back in Your Head” by Tegan and Sara

6. “Fireworks” by Animal Collective

7. “Go Places” by The New Pornographers

8. “Good Morning” by Kanye West

9. “Here Comes My Baby” by Cat Stevens

10. “Here Comes Summer” by the Fiery Furnaces

11. “Underdog” by Spoon

A salute to all these musical artists that help one teacher to get through another day before summer break.


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