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A Las Vegas Day May 18, 2008

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Yesterday, I had a perfect Las Vegas Day.  You might ask yourself how does “Las Vegas” become integrated into your day?  Easily, if it is Helldorado Weekend.  We woke up early and ate hash browns&grits.  As of 9AM when my other fellow graduates received their diplomas, I was cleaning the kitchen.  But yes, I’ve officially got my master’s degree and an alum of UNLV.  Ugh.  Then we went to the Neon Sign Graveyard where we saw the old neon signs of Las Vegas’ past being restored and sitting in an empty lot for historical preservation.  It’s refreshing to think that Las Vegas actually has a history.  We took many zany photos.  Then Jen, Braniff, and I came home and hung out and played Ms. PacMan.  I learned that I was awesome at Ms. Pacman and have no mercy for competitors.  

After a while, I took a nap and missed a graduation party, but I woke up in time for Destroyer at the Beauty Bar near Fremont Street.  It was one of the weirdest audiences I’ve ever seen.  It ranged from the traditional hipster to the J. Crew hipster to a drunk pregnant prostitute (with her escort) hitting on the poor piano player.  It was very strange and surreal–unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Today, it feels like a dream.  We tumbled back to the house at 3 AM.  Nowadays, I don’t have 3AM days.  I’m usually asleep by 10PM unless I have insomnia.  Now I must dash to an early meeting with a few hours of sleep under my belt.  Yes, you read that correctly.  

It’s Sunday.  


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