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Substitutes May 23, 2008

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I had to take Friday off to go to Sharada’s graduation.  I have never felt such paranoia and anxiety about an event in my life… or at least for a while.  Last year I took one day off because I was deathly ill and my doctor demanded that I stay at home.  So did the Learning Strategist.  This year, I’ve got a more motley group of students, who fly off the handle at the littlest of inconsistencies.  Well, I haven’t tested that theory yet because I’m here every single day doing the same thing, so they know exactly what to expect.  I have learned to dread the unexpected.  No, days off are not like sleeping in or eating a late breakfast at the Omelet House.  Nope.  For me, it’s arriving at 5 AM in Atlanta, sleep-deprived and wired with coffee.  Then I pick up my brother and my rental car, heading to Cairo.  


Here I go. I definately panic.  You have to prepare a flexible lesson plan/packet.  I worry because it’s not difficult to take up 53 minutes.  However, I teach one block (100 minutes!) of a reading intervention class.  I hope I planned enough for them.  For some reason, you anticipate your room being ripped apart and rendered asunder.  I also have only slept 4 hours on the plane.  I’m exhausted.  Yawn. 


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