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Hoot! Hoot! June 3, 2008

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I want my students to have as many great learning opportunities as possible, but the state of Nevada has instituted massive budget cuts in education.  We can’t really afford to buy class sets of books.

Here’s the scoop.  At this nonprofit website, public school teachers (like me!) submit proposals for materials or experiences their students need to learn. These ideas become a reality when concerned individuals (like you!) choose projects to fund. Donors who give any amount will receive a thank you card and photos from me and my students.  It’s easy – and very rewarding.

The great news is that my project proposal, Hoot! Hoot! Integrating Literature And The Environment, is now posted at! Check it out at:

!Hoot, Hoot!

Take a look. Also, please consider supporting my students and me by forwarding this message to others who may be interested in improving education.

Together, we’ll close that gap. 


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