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The Second Summer June 10, 2008

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All of a sudden, school just ended.  I went a 100 mph, running around school, home, and elsewhere.  I felt so stressed out that on my first day of summer vacation I just sat there.  I was depressed.  What kind of teacher feels depressed on the first day of summer vacation?! Rather, I felt depressed because I felt nothing, no emotion close to the euphoria of last year.  I cannot recall feeling that amazing in the last 10 years.  Now I just felt nothing which made me feel depressed.  However, I have lots of fun things to look forward to this year. I just need to reorganize myself.

1. Sharada’s visiting all summer as an Obama Organizing Fellow!

2. Mexico Trip!

3. Teaching Photography at Summer Camp 

4. Los Angeles Trips to the Beach

5. Lake Tahoe Road Trip

6. Vikram’s visit to Las Vegas

7. Induction (as a Transition Leader!)

8. Phoenix trip to see the Braves


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