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New Corps, New Year June 30, 2008

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This year I volunteered to be part of a transition team that helped corps members to integrate into the Valley and classroom successfully.  I’m in charge of six corps members.  As I helped these bright-eyed new corps members, I flashbacked to my Induction experience two years ago.  I remembered everything being so new, so different, and so overwhelming.  I also remember being mildly disgusted by the amount of drinking that occurred in the evening. Two years forward, now I see a corps that’s totally excited, close, and bonded around the mission of Teach for America.  It’s interesting to see the contrast.  I’m currently reading “Relentless Pursuit” by Donna Foote, a book about five TFA teachers at Locke High School.  It also traces the development of Teach for America and its continued evolvement as an organization.  I’m starting to see the inflexibility of politics, education, and other institutions.  I’m starting to appreciate TFA’s willingness to change in response to certain variables, hence, the Transition Team and numerous other innovative ideas.  A suggestion was always vetted out and then implemented quickly, which will spoil me for the real world. 


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