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Cutting Braniff’s Hair December 1, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — vivamissjay @ 3:20 am

I never imagined that I would be cutting a boy’s hair with clippers.  I should start a barber shop.  Or not.

I also didn’t think I’d spend 5 hours at school today gearing up for the week.  Oh, and studying for the GRE.  Oh, grad school applications that I haven’t even started yet.  Life seems so peachy right now.  

And exasperating.  exhausting.  futile.  Basically, life feels French.  Oh, I’m onto you, Amelie.  You’re secretly a rouse to hide your true dark and swarmy French lifestyle.  Done!  I’m writing a book.  After I fnish these problem sets and lesson plan for this week.


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