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Life Update March 16, 2009

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I haven’t forgotten this blog–don’t worry.  I often think about posting here when something hilarious happens in the classroom, when I’m putting off grading, or when I hear another teacher say something incredibly stupid.   I wish the first thing would balance the other two things.  Alas.  Also, I taught a student to use that phrase along with “Ay Yum Ma.”  My mother uses this phrase when she’s frustrated or at a loss for words. 

Life Update:  I got into Georgetown’s Public Policy School and Cornell’s Social Policy, Teaching, and Leadership’s MS program.  I’m waiting for funding from both institutions, but I’m thinking my next move will be DC.  I’m also going to be 26 in two weeks.  That feels weird, too.  And chubby.  Mostly, weird though.   

So it goes.


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