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Almost 26 March 29, 2009

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French Lavender

Originally uploaded by gorillapolka

Are people suddenly surprised when they realize they are old? Even when I was 10, I have always felt overburdened, tired, and anxious. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up with a lot of responsibility. I actually feel that I was “old” as a kid. More so than now. Maybe it’s the less responsibilities.

I also love fresh flowers in the house. Possibly because my mother kept fake flowers in the house and it drove me nuts as a kid. We actually had arguments about them. I saw them as tacky. She saw them as art. Who does that anyways?

But fresh flowers are expensive and short-lived in beauty. Braniff bought lavender plants so that I can grow my own flowers. Oh, and we have sunflowers! Lucky.


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