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Life Update July 24, 2009

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We’ve successfully moved to DC nearly a month ago. We had a whining cat, whose stamina for meowing I will underestimate. We stopped to visit with my brother. We went to a wedding. We also pulled an all-nighter in which I sang a lot of songs to keep the both of us awake. I’m working as a summer school enrichment teacher. I’m catching up on e-mail, friends, books, and music.  I’m just biding time until grad school starts.

I’ve also grossly underestimated the walk from the Metro to our new apartment. I’m losing weight the old-fashioned way. Did I only eat two servings of Braniff’s biryani ? SAY WHAT. You may analyze that to say, “Wow. Padmini eats a lot” or “What? Braniff’s the one making biryani?”  As you see fit.


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