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Almost 26 March 29, 2009

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French Lavender

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Are people suddenly surprised when they realize they are old? Even when I was 10, I have always felt overburdened, tired, and anxious. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up with a lot of responsibility. I actually feel that I was “old” as a kid. More so than now. Maybe it’s the less responsibilities.

I also love fresh flowers in the house. Possibly because my mother kept fake flowers in the house and it drove me nuts as a kid. We actually had arguments about them. I saw them as tacky. She saw them as art. Who does that anyways?

But fresh flowers are expensive and short-lived in beauty. Braniff bought lavender plants so that I can grow my own flowers. Oh, and we have sunflowers! Lucky.


Done and Done

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We decided on D.C. Woo hoo! Lars will be there. Laura’s moving to Baltimore. The whole crew will be there… just slightly older and bags under our eyes.


Life Update March 16, 2009

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I haven’t forgotten this blog–don’t worry.  I often think about posting here when something hilarious happens in the classroom, when I’m putting off grading, or when I hear another teacher say something incredibly stupid.   I wish the first thing would balance the other two things.  Alas.  Also, I taught a student to use that phrase along with “Ay Yum Ma.”  My mother uses this phrase when she’s frustrated or at a loss for words. 

Life Update:  I got into Georgetown’s Public Policy School and Cornell’s Social Policy, Teaching, and Leadership’s MS program.  I’m waiting for funding from both institutions, but I’m thinking my next move will be DC.  I’m also going to be 26 in two weeks.  That feels weird, too.  And chubby.  Mostly, weird though.   

So it goes.


Cutting Braniff’s Hair December 1, 2008

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I never imagined that I would be cutting a boy’s hair with clippers.  I should start a barber shop.  Or not.

I also didn’t think I’d spend 5 hours at school today gearing up for the week.  Oh, and studying for the GRE.  Oh, grad school applications that I haven’t even started yet.  Life seems so peachy right now.  

And exasperating.  exhausting.  futile.  Basically, life feels French.  Oh, I’m onto you, Amelie.  You’re secretly a rouse to hide your true dark and swarmy French lifestyle.  Done!  I’m writing a book.  After I fnish these problem sets and lesson plan for this week.


The Question November 9, 2008

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So I’ve never experienced this problem.  At what point should you remove your Obama sticker and giant car magnet before it starts looking pompous?  As a gracious loser in 2004 (the first election in which I could vote!), I took off my Kerry/Edwards sticker the day after the election was decided.  However, I didn’t volunteer, make calls, or surrender my life like I have for Obama.  I have worked for this man for the last year and a half.  I did notice that the McCain signs/stickers went away pretty quickly.  Hm.

Seriously, I literally break into a grin every single time I hear the phrase “President-Elect Obama.”


Sick September 5, 2008

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John McCain has truly debased himself in hundreds of little ways since the 2000 primaries.  But as I watch this speech, I cannot help but vomit a little inside.  Maybe it’s because Braniff has told me to hush and listen about twenty times in the last ten minutes.  But I cannot help it.  I can’t help but think that humiliation and Dubya helped create the McCain that we see today.  

I don’t think that I could pictured this betrayal to the McCain of 2000 like I have seen today.  Oh, what we do to win.

But on a side note,  I do agree that vouchers are important in order to offer equitable access to a decent education for low-income families.  How not liberal of me.  

Busy, busy, busy.


La Vida August 19, 2008

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Goodbye, lazy summer.  I’m not sure how you passed me, but you did so quite quickly.  Hello, workaholic 180 days.